About Cornell Finance Club

Cornell’s Foremost Finance Group

One of Cornell’s oldest and most prominent finance clubs, Cornell Finance Club prides itself on a vast and engaged alumni network. We are dedicated to providing our members with the best opportunties for growth, learning, and networking, supported by a vibrant learning environment that facilitates professional and personal growth, yielding life-long friendships. 

New Member Education

Leveraging the diverse experiences of our upperclassmen, we hone our analysts’ technical and behaivoral skills, focusing on those most impactful throughout the recruiting process and beyond. This process yields a strong foundation in financial modeling and valuation as well as financial statements analysis and accounting. 

Stock Pitches

Each semester, analysts are divided into teams centered around different primary sectors of the US or international economy. Guided by our upperclassmen, these teams research and analyze a company within their field, ultimately presenting their pitch to club leadership. Winning teams pitch to our corporate partners, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. 

Analyst-Alumni Mentorship

Members will be paired with an alumnus working in the field they intend to pursue. By cultivating this relationship, analysts gain insight into their potential career path and gain advice on the entire industry. This experience provides involvement in networking and offers access to the upper echelon of financial services.

Cornell Finance Club partners with numerous firms across the financial services industry through corporate-sponsored stock pitches as well as club-exclusive networking sessions.

Corporate Partners Include